Our partner:
Catching up with filmmakers
Demetrius and Christina Wren from
Los Angeles, CA. We were fortunate
to interview them about their
impressions on their LIBEC ALLEX
models. They share their thoughts
on some of the challenges that
filmmakers face to get the perfect
shot and the evolution of filming in
today’s image industry. They
demonstrate how to solve these
challenges by using the LIBEC ALLEX
slider and tripod system.

Click on the video and see what
makes them completely satisfied with

Interview shot by
videographer Taro Yoshida at
Yoshida Productions.
IBC 2016 – Libec shows innovative hands free monopod

“I’ve been a firm believer of the footed monopod in the past; it can be a
fantastic tool for quickly and efficiently getting coverage with compact camera
systems.” – Cinema5D

Mr. CheesyCam share a great video introduction about HFMP.
This video offers a side by side comparison between HFMP
Hands-Free Monopod and a competitor model.
Libec has proudly launched the TH-X, the new high-spec entry level tripod system!
The Libec TH-X is your next Smart Tripod Companion for all your photo/video/DSLR projects including home videos, documentaries, corporate assignments,
weddings & events, nature, sports and journalist news gathering.
It is lightweight, rigid, and high quality.
JST Tech once again showcased the Libec RSP series ,LX series ,Swift Jib 50kit, Remo30 along with other accessories during the Singapore BCA 2013.This

show encompasses dealers from Sea East Asia and also Asia. Heiwa seiki's Kazuki Kumita represented Libec Japan and showed great support.
Canon Booth at Broadcast Asia 2013. JST-TECH Pte Ltd coorpoate with Canon Singapore to showcase the latest Canon Broadcast Lenses.
Libec, a brand of the HEIWA SEIKI KOGYO CO., LTD. is pleased to announce that it will launch new products. "RSPLUS", the flagship model of Libec tripod
series lineup, offering new functions and technologies based on RS series. And "LX10", 100mm ball affordable tripod system for both ENG and Studio. New
product will start to ship out of factory Japan from march 2013.

RSPLUS, the upper model of RS series

RSPLUS is a brand new tripod and pedestal system with 100mm ball head RHP75/85. The payload of RHP85 is 25kg, best match at Studio and Digital cinema
application. It comes along with the normal plate, and long sliding plate is also equipped with RHP85 as standard. RHP75 is the ideal tripod head for ENG
shoulder cameras with the 17kg payload and 30% lighter torque than RHP85.
JST Tech distributed and supplied a total of 13 Canon lenses model XJ60 x 9 BIED,HJ22ex 7.6 IASE for Myanmar's Sea games OBVAN and flight pack along
with Libec RSP series.
Libec showcases its new tripod system lineup, the RSP series. Showing its versatility with different types of support solutions on different camera models with
ease. The RSP series feature Libec's fast balancing system and long sliding plate(for the RSP850 models), which allow a camera package to be precisely bal-
anced within a few seconds. It also features the award-winning(black diamond award winner) Swift jib 50kit and Remo30 head.JST TECH, Irwin Ismail was
the S.E.A representative for Libec along with dealers and distributors from the South East Asia region.
This event was hosted by PT Galva Technovision, our distributor in Indonesia, with the support of JST Tech PTE LTD, distributor of South-Eastern Asia.
In the 1st part, the presentation of new RS PLUS and LX10 was given by Libec. 2nd part after the presentation was hands-on exhibitions. Visitor's are freely
check with various lineup of Libec products.

Visitors were also enjoying lucky draw to win Japanese traditional crafts such as Japanese Samurai Blade, teapots and etc...

The event was wonderful success with full of participants from many TV stations, rental house and productions.